Andrew T Crum


Stellar Group (mural), 98B Manila (collaborative painting and talk), Standard Chartered (mural painting and training), Puma Social (shoe design), Toyota (live performance painting), La Boca Restaurant (interior design and mural), BFM 33rpm (live performance painting and mural), One Voice Asia Records (event curation and mural painting), Cure & Care Center (mural), KARISMA (performance painting and mural), Crossover Merchandise (mural)

  • Manila, Makati. One Voice Asia Record 16th Anniversary | 2012 ( demo artist )
  • Manila, Marikina. bombing session with PSP members | 2012
  • Manila, Intercosa. Art talk at 98B studio Gallery | 2012 ( invited artist )
  • Manila, bombing session with K.I.S | 2012
  • Padang Jawa Street Festival 2013
  • Gardu House Jakarta,Indonesia |2013
  • Crossover Merch Bandung,Indonesia wall paint |2013
  • The Art of Speed, Citta Mall |2013
  • Black World pub & kareoke Kota Kinabalu,Sabah |2013
  • La Boca Latino Bar, KL Live Centre |2013



Art of Speed, Kustom Kulture, Art Demos at Publika Art Row, Clive Magazine interview, Urbanscapes, Rendezvous II at Yangon, 98B Talk with Phillipines Street Plan Group, Cracko Art Group exhibition,

Past Works

208ty Murals

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