Haze Long


Haze Long started Art Misfits  with a dream of gathering a bunch of misfits and providing them a fun filled environment in order to cultivate a culture. A culture that promotes the importance of art on big spaces. they are eagerto have their art on walls, huge unlimited canvases for your imagination and ours. Working on a big space challenges themselves physically and they have cultured a way of working that enables us to work efficiently within that space and be humbled by the art that they create for others. They enjoy working in different environments and meeting new people that color our worklife to be something that we look forward to each day.

The founder – Haze Long is not your typical artist. Known simply as Haze, this artist specializes in web designing, make up and wall graffiti, Haze Long is one holistic artist that specializes in both life art as well as digital art. Haze has a ability to appeal to the millennial crowd. Her deep passion for the arts in the form of art murals led her to her latest business venture, which is the starting of Art Misfits, a business that creates wall murals, wall stickers and arts.

This project 208ty was organised and executed by Art Misfits, artists were approached and over 200 mock ups were proposed just for this project. For more information please visit artmisfits.com/208ty


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Past Works

208ty Murals

Photo Dec 18, 7 20 02 PM