snake and ladder

#50 Snake & Ladder (story about life)

Painted by:

This Snake and ladder, i think it is the biggest board or floor game i had made,and it will be my biggest masterpiece for the time being and also for 2013 year end masterpiece . The size is 32 feet x 32 feet and it takes me about a week and a half to make it done and i would like to thanks from Escape Va , The Sliz , Haze Long and others for giving me some help and support . I mention about “story about life” its because for me, life its just like this snake and ladder game,because everyone is trying to become success in their life, so the ladder is the example way to go up and some times you will fall when the snake at your feet.

p/s : maybe you’ll find a little of happiness and sadness details in your life, meaning that you can find some small details in this snake and ladder.