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Car Park AdSpace (Package)


Car Park Barrier Gate + Boom Arm:
– Three for both Entry & Exit Double Lane
– Four of Season Car Park Entry & Exit Single Lane

Metal Board Ads on Entry & Exit Cashless Machine Cover :
– Three for both Entry & Exit Double Lane

High visibility and local targeting are the benefits of our Car Park Adspace Package.

Visitors to The Atmosphere park up to 8+ hours on our premises. The weekday crowd typically consist of working professionals and residents who park here and take the MRT to Putrajaya or Kuala Lumpur for work. This group normally opt for season parking benefits with us.

Weekend and public holiday visitors typically consist of families with children who end their day here after visiting Farm In The City. Their average stay is 2-3 hours.

If you are targeting a local demographic that includes families with children, single adults and young couples starting a family, this package is ideal for your campaign.

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