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Malaysian Society for Engineering & Technology (MySET)

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The competitive world that we live in today demands more innovative ways for developing our human capital, acquiring and sharing knowledge and technology, and harnessing these for industry, business, and commerce.

MySET aims to provide a powerful platform for its members to network and enhance their professionalism and ethical conduct while nurturing them into leading professionals and captains of the industry. Recognizing that the world today is largely interdisciplinary, MySET welcomes the participation and interaction of engineers, technologists, architects, quantity surveyors, and other engineering and technology professionals. Believing in the importance of the engineering work team consisting of personnel at the degree, diploma, and certificate levels, MySET welcomes a technician who is an important member of the engineering team and who needs to be a professional in their own right.

MySET shall indulge in research and technological innovation to produce new materials, systems, structures, and processes to support the country’s development efforts.

MySET shall promote the accreditation of qualifications, the development of professional systems, and the international mobility of engineering and technology professionals while organizing education, training, and CPD programs for its members.

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